Find Online the Perfect Place to Stay at a Competitive Price in more than 100,000 Cities Across 191 Countries

Which Concept?

• Book your homestay online and add on experiences, adventures and restaurants

• Choose a price positioning: Airbnb Luxe for extraordinary homes, Airbnb Plus for quality as well as design or any other regular specific places

• Provide a safe fully integrated digital solution to plan your holidays, the end-to-end travel platform

What Key Highlights?

• 6 million listings representing more than the top 5 hotel chains combined

• Hotel chains and concierge activities strategy acquisition to establish new standards in the hospitality industry (hoteltonight, luckey…)

• Unique, authentic and local experiences combining where to stay, what to do, and how to get there, all in one place

Why Different?

• Cost of renting an average home on Airbnb is cheaper than a single hotel room (price benefit as number 1 driver)

• Homeowners to make more money from their homes by sharing with travelers (generating new revenues)

• Airbnb helping people to become hospitality entrepreneurs with a full list of services to support their new business

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